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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 16, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>>. >> megyn: police say he robbed his former employer and when the bare forgot an important part of his disguise, no mask, no problem! then he covered his face with what he could find. a bucket. surveillance cameras caught a glimpse of his face and that is how they cracked the case of a bucket bandit. thanks for watching everybody. i didn't ask trace, i don't want to say, x-rated name, naughty name. what would your name have been.
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>> blaze oliver. >> megyn: nice. how difficult the people in new york city have it. you know, spot, 133rd street. isn't that great. >> that is not good. >> thank you. >> the news begins anew on sudden stud yeo "b". intelligence officials in nigeria they are holding three hostages and they say it is pay back. the president signed 23 executive orders that he says can help limit gun violence but he is calling on congress to do much more. a fair and balanced look at the white house gun control effort is coming up. did you see this? the woman who got trapped between two buildings and then she had to be cut out. we'll have the amazing rescue
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firsthand. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on studio "b." >> but first, from fox, u.s. intelligence officials have confirmed that al-qaeda linked militants are holding at least three americans hostage along with other foreigners at a natural gas field partly owned by bp in the african makes of algeria. the militants attacked the facility near the border of libya killed at least two people and hurt at least six others before taking hostages. a spokesman for the militants say they are holding 7 americans but we cannot confirm that. the militants say this the siege is to pay back to algeria for letting western jets use it's a airspace to attack islamic fighters in mali. secretary of state hillary clinton is in touch with
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algerian officials? >> yes, state department officials confirming within the last two hours, secretary of state clinton has called the algerian prime minister. the two countries, two governments working together to try to work out what they can do to bring had an end to this hostage situation. state department officials would not confirm any numbers, any names, any details about this. they say they want to keep everything under wraps so they can work the channels as best they know how. this, of course, a very concerning situation with these islamic militants taking the hostages. among them some americans, just put the map back up again. we're going to talk about mali in the south. look to the east. it is possibly no coincidence that this gas field is right on the border with libya. the rise of islamic extremism right across north africa is a
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major concern right now for u.s. officials. >> as you look at that map, you can see mali is well to the south. all of this is related to the fight against islamists in the neighboring country. >> reporter: remember the french launched an air campaign on friday. aircraft, jet fighters, helicopters also going in. they have now made this a ground campaign. remember, we heard from leon panetta just a couple days ago that the u.s. is employing intelligence back-up as they described it to the french. this is what is going on there right now. these islamic militants are taking more and more ground in mali. this is the fear it could be the next afghanistan and base for terror training operations and that is why the french went in. they say it's going to be a very difficult fight. >> i think the french went in expecting a short intervention to push the islamics.
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these guys are battle hardened well armed, well-equipped. they are able to blend in with local communities and kind of melt away and regroup. so the french are encountering a difficult time. >> reporter: mali is exactly the kind of failing state that islamic extremists would like to take advantage of and set up a base of operations. that is the real concern for the u.s. here. jonathan hunt, thank you. joining us now is rick nelson, vice president for business development at crosshatch technology and a former pilot and he recently served in afghanistan. rick, good for you to join us. jonathan makes a good point. he is showing the map where it happened right on the border of libya. these islamist militants are
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very well armed and well funded and that is no surprise to you? >> absolutely, trace. you are exactly right. they have been well funded through the years. kidnap with ransom. they benefited from a kidnap by getting an influx of weapons. the chaos is mali have benefited them and growing relations with other militants down south in nigeria has helped them. they have expanded their reach and capabilities in recent years. >> when we heard the whole phrase, westerners held hostage, that is hot button issue, we have 41 people, at least three americans and seven americans. how does this es indicate and what does the u.s. do next? >> right now the most important thing is get situational awareness of what is going on at the compound. who is being held hostage, what are the number of militants and what are the capabilities. the good news there are other
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partners such as united kingdom and france that are involved, as well. they have high end rescue capabilities that can be brought very quickly to the situation to an end if needed. >> we know this is response happening by the french because they used algerian airspace. mali is well to the south of where this happened. are we expecting more violence to break out because of what happened in mali? >> absolutely, i think we should. al-qaeda has been operating fairly freely although isolated in that area of africa. now, we decided to put pressure on them and we're seeing a response as you would see with any entity under incredible pressure. so they will be more hostile and violent. >> is moli the next afghanistan? >> i don't think it will be on that scale.
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the location. yemen is much more complicated. but the militants in mali is something we we're going to have to deal with. i see france as a very positive role. they have a lot to gain or lose in this situation. we need to support them and eradicated militants there. >> great information. we appreciate it. president obama is plan to curb gun violence in america is most ambitious in generations and he is facing backlash going around congress in many cases. the president's new proposals come in the aftermath of the child massacre inside a connecticut school last month. he unveiled details today at the white house saying, quoting here we cannot put this off any longer. >> in the most since 20 precious children that were violently taken from us more than 900 of
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our fellow americans have reportedly died at the end of a gun. if there was one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there is one life that can be saved, we got an obligation to try. >> the president is enacted go two dozen executive orders including a measure to strengthen background checks and one to fund government research in gun violence. he says congress must act, as well. among other things he wants lawmakers to reinstated the assault weapons ban and instituted a ten round limit for ammunition. some republicans expressing skepticism and they are saying white house effort is misguided. national rifle association released a video attacking the president personally. it calls him an elitist hypocrite to have secret service protection for his daughters
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while at the same time armed guards in all schools. the president accused the nra's president's children as political pawns. wendall, some critics are pointing out they are using children to make their case. >> he had several children on stage that had written letters in wake of the sandy hook massacre. some found that inappropriate. accusing them as props. some were deeply touched by the shooting. one said she wasn't afraid for herself but she was afraid for other children. >> on the letter that julia wrote me, she said, i know that laws have to be passed by congress, but i beg to you try very hard.
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julia, i will try very hard. >> reporter: also in the audience, parents of 7-year-old grace mcdonald who was killed in the shooting. >> clearly both sides are bracing for a fight. what is the reaction to the president's announcement? >> the republican party was sharply critical but party leaders like house speaker john boehner were more measured, that may reflect polls that show stronger support for gun control. republican national committee called mr. obama's proposals, quote, an executive power grab that may please his political base but will not solve the problems at hand. boehner spokesman said only, quote, house committees of jurisdiction will review the recommendations and if the senate passes a bill, we will also take a look at that. not all democrats frankly are anxious for a gun control debate. harry reid says he won't ask members of the senate to vote on anything that can't pass the
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house. vice president biden says it's going to be a tough fight. >> i have no illusions what we're up against or how hard the task is in front of us, but i've never seen the nation's conscience so shaken by what happened at sandy hook. the world has changed and it is demanding action. >> reporter: national rifle association accused the president and vice president of attacking firearms. >> thank you. proposals and action are two very different things especially when it comes to congress and gun control. up next, we'll take a look at the politics that will play a part in this fight. plus, nasty weather, i mean nasty weather causing very big problems from new england all the way down to dixie. what do you think about snow in the south? the extreme south, an update from the fox extreme weather center is coming up.
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>>. continuing coverage as president obama is calling on congress for sweeping changes in the gun control laws. vice president biden says he believes public opinion is on their side but congress which doesn't have a great track record on agreeing on anything or getting anything done is on the other side. joining us now is bob cusack, managing editor of the hill. wendall gol esh says i've done the math, these gun control measures can't pass the house? >> a lot of these measures that were proposed by the president don't have the vote at least not yet to pass the senate and certainly not the republican led house. remember, you have got a lot of democratic senators who are up for reelection from red states who have "a" rate frgs the nra,
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more than half of the congress has an "a" rating from the nra. this will be a tough uphill battle. >> is is there a compromise? do you see where maybe they say, okay, we're going to bend a little bit toward high capacity round making zeengs. do you see this might somehow mitigated? >> i think the high capacity language where they compromise. certainly not getting guns in the hands of criminal and those that are mentally ill, of strengthening the law yo on that. beyond that, i think something will pass but it won't be sweeping. >> when you say spirited debate, if nothing passes, if nothing passes at all, is this a huge defeated for the president? >> i think if nothing passes, absolutely. remember president obama said the day of the connecticut shooting was the worst of his
12:18 pm
presidency. he took it very personally and he is going to push congress very hard. there are some democrats who are not fond of these ideas and they put out press releases today. obama is going to be at odds with democrats in congress but i think the white house is going to push very hard to get something. >> i know in congress both sides are gearing for a fight but my guess if you look down at 23 executive orders. is there anything that would raise the ire of gun activists and members of congress? >> i think it's been a bit of a let down. i think republicans were bracing more far reaching is that lays the groundwork for some type of legislation. appointing a new atf director. they haven't had a new director in six years. what republicans are really upset about mostly and what they
12:19 pm
are focused on is stopping that legislation. >> i think that working on that right now. good to see you. thank you, sir. >> well, fox weather alert and winter storm has created very dangerous road conditions up and down the eastern u.s. take a look at this. this is memphis, tennessee where crews said they had to carefully push some cars across the bridges because the ice had formed on the roadways way too quickly. those icy conditions extending as far as south as mississippi. farther north, including upstate new york, the storm dumped several inches of snow overnight and in some states it is still coming down. meteorologist janice dean is live. where is it going? >> it is going up to the northeast and we'll see a new storm system but extreme weather center living up to its name. nashville, 35, almost 50 degree
12:20 pm
difference in savannah. 52 in montgomery. 35 in jackson, mississippi. we'll talk about you in just a second. stationary front that has the warm air behind it. cold air and then we've got the mixing. just around the new york city area, driving could be tricky heading home. be extra careful north of new york, few inches of snow on the ground. we'll continue to monitor that. trace, let's talk about what is going to happen tomorrow. >> you know, jd, i'm concerned but i want to ask you two questions, what is going to happen tomorrow but i hear cold and hot coming up, you think volatile weather. any chance of that? >> we're not going to see severe weather, but because we have cold air at the surface it freezes on the contact. we could see potential for that.
12:21 pm
but we're not going to see severe weather but it is incredible in the temperatures. travel forecast tomorrow morning we're talking about snow in dixie. let's take a look at it overnight tonight into thursday. 31 degrees and snow perhaps in jackson mississippi. we even could see snowflakes in southeastern louisiana. as we go further out in time, montgomery, alabama, atlanta, georgia, d.c. could see several inches of snow. we'll be busy over the next 24-48 hours tracking this next storm system. >> all of us used to dream snow in dixie. good to see you. another problem with one of boeing's dream liner jets, 787, this time pilots had to make an emergency landing. also a helicopter crash right in the middle of one of the world's busiest cities.
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and slimful tastso good... i don't even miss dessert. slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing. two people dead and dozen others hurt after a helicopter clipped a crane and burst into flames. it happened in central london. cops say the crash killed the pilot and one person on the ground. burning fuel also set fire to cars and at least two buildings, officials had asked the pilot to divert to another heliport. problems with the boeing's dream liner keep coming and now, not one but two airlines have grounded those planes entirely. they are japan's two largest air
12:26 pm
carriers, nippon and japan airlines. they range from fuel leaks to a cracked window to a battery fire in boston. latest incident, more battery problems and reports of a burning smell in the cockpit that forced an nippon airways to make an emergency landing. feds are investigating. dan spring esh is live? seattle, is anybody responding to this? >> the n.t.s.b. sent an investigator to japan to work with their officials. remember the ntsb already opened an investigation following the 787 battery fire you mentioned in boston last week. that battery was in the back of the plane. the one that caused the emergency landing in japan was more in front of the dream liner but all of this will be looked at after a comprehensive review of the electrical system.
12:27 pm
that review was announced last friday. at the time they expressed confidence in the 787 but now, they are apologizing to customers for cancelled flights due to the voluntary grounding of their dream liner. they announced today they did some safety checks and all of their planes are in service. >> clearly, more bad news for boeing. what is the company saying? >> they are very tight-lipped. they released a one line statement they are aware of the issue and working with the airline. they and many aviation experts say, these are teething issue that happens to every new plane. no one has been hurt or killed. last year was the safest year ever in the aviation industry. still, don't be surprised if there is assembly modification. the dream liner produces more power than any other plane and
12:28 pm
relies on lithium ion batteries than any other planes. boeing stock is down about 3% but it's not a mass panic. in fact there are several dream liners in the air as we speak. >> i mean it's got some problems what a beautiful airliner. dan, thank you. >> police say a pair of shootings at separate colleges left two people dead. latest on the suspects and survivors is just ahead. some lawmakers say they want folks to take drug tests before they can accept jobless benefits. critics say it would be a huge waste of money. that is coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news.
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and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >>. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. this is studio "b." officials revealing new details about new separate school shootings. one went down at a business school in downtown st. louis and the other in a parking lot in a technical college in kentucky. that one proved deadly. mike tobin is live. it appears the kentucky shooting was a domestic confrontation? >> it raels really seems to be the case. one of the victims in this case,
12:33 pm
caitlin cornet had a child in common with the accused shooter. other deceased victim jackie cornet is related and third victim a young teenager who survived and not being identified at the stage of the game. police say they are exchanging the child for visitation and that is where the gunfire broke out. interestingly enough, the college had a plan in place for a campus shooting. the president of the college says that plan was executed. >> i thanked all of our students and faculty for the way they handled themselves. they went to a secure place in the building. everything worked as we had planned. >> reporter: and the shooter in this case turned himself in to kentucky stated police. >> i remember this time yesterday, you and i and shep were covering the other school shooting.
12:34 pm
what do we know about this? >> it does appear to be indiscriminate rage. it happened in downtown st. louis, the stevens institute of business and art. according to probable cause, the gunman walked into the office and there was disputed over financial aid and the administrator was shot in the chest. the gunman turned in a stairwell and shot unless the chest and both survived and being treated at the hospital. the shooter has a history of violent criminal behavior and has mental disability. his lawyer toiled me earlier today he is a productive member of the society as long as he is on that medication. >> mike tobin live in including. the widow of a movie massacre victim is suing the former psychiatrist of the suspect james holmes. the widow is suing the psychiatrist she knew that james holmes was dangerous, end quote.
12:35 pm
after he reportedly told herb in june he wanted to kill. court documents say the psychiatrist did say an assessment team about her concerns but turned down a police officer's to arrest james holmes and put him under a 72 hour psychiatric hold. widow is also seeing the university of colorado, university spokesman says the university believes the lawsuit is not well founded legally or factually. andrew napolitano joins us now. great to see you. is it legally founded? >> i don't know if it's factually founded but it is legally frivolous to sue a psychiatrist in colorado and, indeed, in most cases because the psychiatrist declined to admit the patient. >> it causes them to believe the patient is in immediate threat
12:36 pm
to his own life or the life of others. so they go to the patient's psychiatrist, will you sign this affidavit which will ask the judge to arrest him. if they say yes, then they need another psychiatrist, you have to have two, then he can be arrested not for a crime but because he is dangerous to himself and others and he can be expected for three days and the judge can decide whether to let him go. just because the first psychiatrist said no, was not for the police to asking. and flip of this, doctor's patient should be incarcerated is protected from liability as long as there was a professional judgment, if she honestly thought he wasn't a danger to himself and others, even though the judgment is wrong, she can't be sued for it. >> is there a buck stop mentality in the law, judge,
12:37 pm
that maybe a different judge says, we know he had fantasies of killing a lot of people and she should have done more? >> yes. i'm sure that is a great question. that is probably the goal of the lawyers. sometimes the laws are changed by judges allowing lawsuits which appear to be inappropriate under the present state of the law. in response to a public crisis, a judge allows the case to go through. the jury finds the physician liable, that might change the law in colorado. my judgment is, most judges would not let this casing through because colorado law is clear on this. >> you don't go after the doctor as long as the doctor's judgment was a professional one and not a personal or malicious one. judge, great to see you. some folks who your unemployed may soon have to pass
12:38 pm
a drug test before getting their benefits. that is the proposal in several states. among the supporters, texas republican governor rick perry. one g.o.p. state senator says, quoting here, we don't want to provide funds for people who are using controlled substances so they can use more controlled substances. democratic opponents say that drug abuse among unemployed is not a widespread program and then there is the issue of cost. gerri, how can this affect the state's bottom line? >> you would think it would be a ton of dough. florida experienced $48,000 in saving by testing welfare recipients but they spent $118,000 testing these people. state law requires florida to reimburse people who get these tests if they prove negative. only 3% of these people test positive for drugs. then there is utah. they are spending $20,000 to
12:39 pm
test people for welfare benefits drug test people. wyoming is considering testing for unemployment benefits, but they are estimating their savings will be far, far higher, $1.2 million for the next three years. the devil is in the details but the experience we see so far the savings are not great. >> we know these ties of things, snowball. do we expect more states to follow suit? >> you bet. we had 3 in 2011 and four more. at the end of the day it was federal regulations and rules that opened the door to this, change the way people think about this. states across the country to start testing people not just for welfare benefits but also for unemployment benefits, a real change of pace. >> gerri, good to see you, thank you. >> the federal government reports that energy drinks
12:40 pm
20,000 americans had to go to the emergency rooms in one year. the numbers have been increasing steadily. the dangers as those drinks become more and more popular. [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster
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>>. the state department blamed the syrian government for twin explosions at a syrian university that killed at least 82 students and refugees. it happened yesterday at the university of aleppo. they blamed terrorists for the blast but today u.s. officials witnesses saw regime planes launch air strikes on the school's facilities. meantime, three car bombs exploded within minutes of each other in northwest syria killing two dozen people in a coordinated assault on government positionings. we can't independently confirm that. united nations report more than 60,000 men, women and children
12:44 pm
have died in the syrian civil war. those controversial energy drinks are sending more americans to the hospital. the number of emergency room visits tied to the beverages has recently doubled. it's gone from ten to 20,000 over one year. that according to a new survey. most of those cases involved teenagers or young adults. the feds have linked the monster energy drink to at least five deaths. we have reported on this program that parents of a 14-year-old girl have sued monster. they say the team died of cardiac arrest after downing two of the drinks in 24 hours. they slammed the latest survey, quoting here, this report does not share information about the overall health of those who may have consumed energy drinks or what symptoms brought them to the e.r. in the first place. joining us is dr. kerry
12:45 pm
peterson. i was shocked. when i heard 10,000 to 20,000 over a year, it seems excessive to me? >> it's definitely a problem that the nation should be concerned with. they looked at patients between 2007 and 2011 at 230 hospitals. during that time the number of patients that sought care in the emergency room doubled from 10,000 to 20,000. concern is also these are teens and adults. even more concerning is found that 42% of these teens or young adults were combining energy drinks with alcohol or other drugs. it certainly needs to be looked in more thoroughly. >> that is the big point there. you can go down to starbucks and get those two lattes and you have a lot more caffeine but you are not mixing alcohol and several throughout the night. does the beverage makers, do they have point when they say,
12:46 pm
we don't really know what these people, these young adults presented at the emergency room with? >> they do have a point because we can't establish cause and effect. how the study worded it patients who sought treatment had reported recently consuming energy drinks. they attributed their symptoms to the recent consumption. they reported things like rapid heart rate, anxiety and in some cases even a heart attack. the caffeine content may not be sufficient but we just don't know because the companies are not required the number of milligrams of caffeine on the cans and there are areas caffeine you might not realize can be stimulants. >> very good point because we have talked about that, as well. maybe some full disclosure from
12:47 pm
these drink companies would be helpful. would you recommend these patients steer clear? >> what is recommended no more than 300 milligrams of caffeine a day. typically energy drinks can have anywhere between 80 milligrams to 500 milligrams. very small amounts if you don't have a history of heart disease, it will probably be okay. certainly if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, stay away from them altogether. keep in hind one can may not be one serving. labels may not accurately reflect what is in it drinking the entire can. you may be getting bl. >> carl cameron is not listening. he has way more than that on his menu. >> thanks, trace. >>. are you stuck between a concrete wall and another concrete wall? this strange scene played out
12:48 pm
this morning. did you watch this live? apparently this woman managed to get herself lodged between these two buildings. she was there for hours. we will talk to one of her rescuers. that is coming up on next on studio "b." and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. i need you. i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you.
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>>. did you watch this? a woman ended up getting stuck between the narrow space of two buildings is safe after a dramatic ordeal. officials say it's not clear how she managed to get wedged in the tight spot. according to witnesses she may have been smoking something on the roof of a building when she fell. we're told she spent about four hours in eight to ten inches space before rescue crews were able to cut a hole in the concrete. listen....
12:52 pm
>> i would be happy to get it on thereof, too. they used a soapy substance to make it easier for her to slide out of there. one of our rescuers joins us from the portland fire and rescue. i got to ask you. what in the world was she doing up on the roof smoking something at 3:00 in the morning? >> that was obviously our first question, too. to be honest with you, we haven't heard a good answer. >> she was saying, hey, what are you doing out at 3:00 in the morning. when you get there on the scene you got this woman she is trapped in a ten inch space. did you think we should hoist her out of the top? >> yeah, our first priority was on best method to get her out there. we were hoping to hoist her out of top but given how narrow that space was. it was about seven and a half inches around her waist and
12:53 pm
eight-inch and a half inches around the chest there was no way we could hoist her out. so it turned out the only option we really had was to cut through the concrete. >> as you are cutting through the concrete, the dust was causing for her breathing. so had you to stop for a while and give her a breathing mask. did that alleviate the problem and howling did it take you to cut through? >> the concrete dust and carbon monoxide was a major concern of ours. we were able to use a detection device to make sure the air quality was good. as far as the overall time it took and this is one of the reasons why this was not our first choice for getting her out -- it was probably around three hours. >> three hours, i notice and you
12:54 pm
had to put air bags in there that would give you a little more wiggle room in there? >> that was actually a backup plan we had. those air bags can lift a lot of weight. we were hoping to wedge of few of those had to give us that last half inch. >> i know he is cold and you guys tried to send blankets and pumped in some heat. what is she saying? is she freaking out a little bit? >> i have to give her a lot of credit. she stayed amazingly calm throughout the process and cooperated quite a bit at the end in being motivated to help us get her out what was incredibly narrow spot. >> you slid her out and that picture was great, doing the fish shake. what did she say?
12:55 pm
>> can you repeat that one more time. >> when you pulled her out there lieutenant, right at the very end and she did that shake and she was so excited. what was he is saying there? >> the whole last six inches that it took to get her out of there, she was pretty funny. she was very determined, like i said we had back-up plans we were using. she made it clear that we weren't going to be using back-up plans. when we finally got her free, i think she did a little dance as she got outside of the hole. it was an amazing story to watch. rick chatman, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. meantime, a shoplifting caught on surveillance video. that is next.
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>>. veteran actor known to as more drumond as died. he played on different strokes. his two sons was played by gary coleman and todd bridges. >> we're going to the beach and mountains and stuff ourselves. >> i don't care what it costs. >> we're in a lot of trouble. [ laughter ] >> they cheered the series for trang discussions including race and class relations in the late 70s and early 80s. his daughter says he died of natural causes. conrad bain was 89 years old. >> a supermarket owner says she caught a notorious shoplifter that busted out with a pack